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Free |Runic Rumble v1.0 Apk Android

Written By Amanda G Marcus on Wednesday, August 22, 2012 | 9:00 AM

Run Rumble a Spell Figh o with HD graphics by Epiphany Gam.

Explore the wor of Ammora as Aki a Shaman, a mission to unloc spel t gesture spell figh. Choospel and strategy and tle through 20 levels of story. With stunn visuals and fast game play y will enjoy Run Rumble your tablet or phone. Stay tun t as we introduce new levels and challeng.

Run Rumble he rich, unique wor-of Amorra, and introduc our protagonist, Aki: a mischievous little creature with a sharp mind, and sharper tongue, who the bon of e to discover the origins of people. Although short stature, herless and, as a sort of novhaman, able to wield mag ☺ albeit with a nov skill. One night, while creng arou an eerie, deampsite, look , and maybe the o trinket to pocket, Aki accost by a powerf and mysious Entity. Enrag by Aki☺s trespass, it transpor Aki to another dimension where he o fight Entities☺ entainment, tl with spel and wits ordere with life, and learn some powerf new magics, to boot.

Aki☺s spel Spel range from Damage, to Healsive Shiel, Damage Over Time and Boost spel which combine with other spel (both the players and the enemies☺ spel) to produce a grea effect. Each spell deriv from each of the 4 elemetur; Earth, Wa, Fire and Dream. Then produceent com wh their projectil meet tle. Spel from the Earth element are strong against Dream but weak against Wa and Fire. Dream spel are the exact opposite to Earth spel their relation. Wa and Fire, as, are opposition.

How plt abilities simple and highly intuitive, engag with people☺s natural tendency to ☺swipe☺ touchscreen dev They spell from a panel of ico situat the lower left cos a patn to appear m-screen. Players th swipe over the line of the patn which, dnd the accuracy, will rest a successf ☺t☺. If they were inaccurate with their swipe, Aki wit and the spell will ☺fizzle☺.

In Game Model of Aki
As a novAki☺s control of mag go but far from complete. Cast too many spel quick succession creat a great strain up the cas, a strain he has not yet learn to cope with, concentration to slip, lead to the spell☺s patn to move arou an unpredictable manner, mak t diffict. T continu until Aki sto or slo cast ile allow him to regain composure.

Spell n, levels, completely up to the player. While there are 24 spel total, Only 4 spel may be per tle, mean players will need to adapt their spell strategy as the game progres the enemies change. The player will beg with a small number of spel initially, but will gain more as the game progress, through undertak challeng ant certain enemies.

There are 2 primary enemy typ Aki fac: Cass and Fien. Cass, like Aki, are command of their o magics and will tle Aki with their o spell strategies. T provid the bk of game play Run Rumble.

The nemy type, Fien, actents by mov towar Aki. Players must chooorrect spell element to dispoch Fiend, an incorrect element leads to the Fiend ignor damage. If a Fiend reach Aki, Aki will take damage.

Game play c Rumble estimat between 2-3 hours verage player. T encompas20 featur levels and their rious ☺challenge☺ mod. Run Rumble also includ a ☺train mode☺ which pl experiment with the spel they have unlock. The relative simplicity Run Rumble allo expansion.

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