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Free |Earth HD Free Edition v3.0.3 (3.0.3) Android Apk

Written By Amanda G Marcus on Monday, August 27, 2012 | 9:00 AM

Earth HD Free Edition v3.0.3

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: Not sure, pleant!

Overview: Earth HD 3D. Awesome llpaper.

Earth HD llpaper brs y the most beautif and peacef view of our planet.



Ep ;Earth HD Deluxe Edition; now ! Check it;s featur:

- Sun/Earth position mode dnd current date

- 5ent Earth them with fly HD textur: Class, Realist, Future, Poypt, Froz earth

- Awesome satellite mode demo.

- HD stars kgrou

- New ;Froz Earth; theme.

- New ;Realist; theme.

- Take 100% from HD textur detalization by customera distance

- Can custera distance and offecially ur tablets, hel to take 100% from HD texture detalization)

- 9 camera mod:

* Move (left-cen) ;t ung phon with TouchWiz (where main screen the left one)

* Move (cen) ;t Sen phon (where main screen the cen one)

* Orbit (left-cen) ;t ung phon with TouchWiz

* Orbit 2 (cen) ;t Sen phon

* era

* + 4 new AWESOME anieras

- Sun

Free verstur:

- Class theme HD textur

- Low-resolution (4 tim smaller textur) them: Future and poypt

- Beautif reflectio

- 4 FPS limit optio to help your phone;s y

- Realist atmosphere

- Detalization customization

- Ligh the night side

- Earth;s rotation speed customization

- 3 camera mod: Orbit / Fix / Linear move

- 100% 3D us OpenGL ES 2.0 / C++ performance

- Beautif stars kgrou

IMPORTANT. If y;ll find any bu plea me an e-mail. In i can;t fix them if y;ll rrt them commen.

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