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Free |Rise Up Radio/Alarm 1.1 (Android) APK

Written By Amanda G Marcus on Friday, August 24, 2012 | 9:00 AM

Ridio/Alarm 1.1 (v1.1) (Andro) APK

Overview: Featur reaction time game, thousan of radio statio and stunn them.

Requiremen: Andro OS 2.1 and up

Market Update Relea August 22, 2012

Pr/b> $0.79

l4C95 Ridio/Alarm 1.1 (Andro) APK lD9ho Ridio/Alarm 1.1 (Andro) APK


Riadio/Alarm harnesnsive slereo give the timate sleexperience from the moment y go to b till e the morn.

- Beautif nightstand with chof clock them prr by our fantast design team, includ o-style LED, LCD and gorgeous Nixie tub

- Thousan of radio statio, includ BBC, NPR, Digitally Import and many more

- Slemode ; chooradio or relax soun includ the gle, a sooth fan, white noiipnot binaural beats

- Natural alarm mode softly fad

- Reaction time test to dismiss alarm (or flip to snooze)


- Loo stunn devright from QVGA through to high-r 10inch tablets, includ the Nexus 7

- Weather display adjust to yion

- Wake to your chof radio/ton/speak clock/your mus

- Alarm ton include dubst ambient beats and special 520hz alarm tone (prov to be mortive deslers)

- Tap- ☺ tap the screen dur the night and the phone will read the current time

- Slide fer to adjust brightness

- Night-time airplane mode to avo mobile signalt slebr />
- Alarm faiinclud fallk ton canet ☺t connect or song not ailable

- Alarm timer

- Adjustable snooze time and number of snooz allow

- Homescreen widget with display of next alarm

- Alarm skip

- Slescietur includ suggest nap time, -app sletips, reaction time game to avo sleinertia, 520hz alarm sou and binaural beats.

*** Make sure to whitelist theion any task-killers. Task-ki kill the alar as well as the app! ***

NOTE: Whilst we have put an enormous amount of effort into verify the alarm wor correctl;t be held liable rrcussio shod the alarm faile y.

xM5F Ridio/Alarm 1.1 (Andro) APK


Download Ridio/Alarm 1.1 (v1.1) (Andro) APK


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