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Free |Tablet Talk v1.5.1 (1.5.1) Android Apk App

Written By Amanda G Marcus on Thursday, August 30, 2012 | 9:00 AM

Tablet Talk v1.5.1

Requiremen By Download Apk Fil | Andro Ap | Andro Market | Apkdroidfilez.blogspot.com
: Andro 2.1 and up

Overview: Tablet Talk ; Text Message your Tablet us your Phone Number!


Tablet Talk THE comprehensive SMS app ets. Send and receive text messag your tablet us your mobile number;just as y your phone! Tablet Talk integrat nearly evture from your phone☺s SMS app, while also provid other unctio such as Caller ID and quick ry popu. It a ☺must have☺ app mplete tablet experience.

Tablet Talk wor by connect your Andro tablet and phone over Bluetooth or WiFi, allow y to text your tablet anywhere and anytime. At home? Just connect your tablet and phone to your WiFi network. At work or the road? Switch to Bluetooth mode and your t SMS with an innet connection.

Wh y receive a text, it instantly syn to your tablet. Wh y ext from your tablet, it instantly syn to your phone, where it ng your mobile number. Ev status updat SMS sy instantly to your tablet.

But what ab wh y n☺t have your tablet? Whenever y connect your dev Tablet Talk will auly sy any newly receiv tex to your tablet, ensur your tablet☺s inbox always up to date!


INSTRUCTIONS: Install Tablet Talk both your tablet and phone (y only need to purchapp ONCE). Setup very simple, with detail instructio, troubleshoot, and email support all ailable from with the app. Af initial onnect as easy as press a butt. Unless your phone☺s IP address (WiFi) chang or y change phon (Bluetooth), there no need to run ain. WiFi and Bluetooth are sav ly so switch between them . A optio like auto-reconnect reduce the need to inact with your phone while us the tablet.


FEATURES: Tablet Talk has too mtur to list, with mors under development. Highligh include:

-Quick ry popup win: just like your favorite phone SMS app, quickly ry to messag with exit what y☺re !

-Caller ID popup io

-Fly functional SMS io

-Auly syn contact nam & phot from your Gmail account

-Widget click connect/disconnect

-Customize rtone & vibrate and Caller ID ly

-Share websit, locatio, lin, & more us Andro☺s built ☺Share☺ option

-Emotico :-)

☺ A many more!


SUPPORT: There a detail help and cumentation with the app, which includ instructio, FAQ, troubleshoot, and more. Additional assistance ailable through email at TabletTalkAndro@gmail.com. If y not receive an email responn 24 hours, plel free to reank y!


If y wod like to try Tablet Talk, pleathat we have a 48+ hour refu policy. If y are not satisfied, simply an email fu. Pleade either your first and last name or order number. Refun will be giv with 24 hours. Thank y!


MARKET ISSUES: If the Market not let y install the app your phone af purchas it your tablet (or versa) th NOT try to purchaain! Pleahe follow:

1) Andro Setts->io->Manageio

2) Select the All tab

3) Scroll to and arket

4) Press the he butt

5) Reop the Market and go to ;My ap;

If it still not work th email TabletTalkAndro@gmail.com. Do NOT try to rrchapp!

What;s t version:



-Connect over Wifi hotspot.

-Delivery rr (enable tablet ).

-Simpler and easier .

-More: t help

*New Read Profile permission: requir to display your profile picture the new conversation UI (check the new ICS and Dark ICS them)


-Improv UI.

-New them.

-Bet draft sav.



-New UI.

More Info:



Download: Releahat_ac

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