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Free |Dolphin Browser v8.8.0 (8.8.0) Final Android Apk App

Written By Amanda G Marcus on Saturday, September 8, 2012 | 9:00 AM

Dolph Brow.0 Final

Requiremen By Download Apk Fil | Andro Ap | Andro Market | Apkdroidfilez.blogspot.com
: Andro OS 2.0+

Overview: Dolph Browhe FASTEST, EASIEST and most FUN mobile Web brow>


Dolph Browerly Dolph Brow the wor;s first Gesture, Sonar and A- enabl mobile web browndro.

☺ #1 Mobile Browndro Market

☺ Over 10,000,000 total wnloads

☺ #2 CNET☺s 100

☺ #1 PC Mag☺s ;The 40 Best Free Ap ;

☺☺☺☺☺ Dolph Brow7;s Gestur and sides make web surf fast, intuitive and fun while the go. ; USA Today

☺☺☺☺☺ ☺☺it☺s a great, simple brow feels more at home a touchscreen devhan pretty much anyth ell try. acker


☺ Sonar ☺ Dolph listens and lets y uvoo n the Innet, share your favorite social networ, bookmark your favorite website, navigate and more.

☺ Gesture ; Let your inner artist and create a personal Gesture (symbol) to access the mobile and desktop websit y uost.

☺ A- ☺ Beef up your mobile Web/Innet brows experience by install the A-o tas y need at your fertips. With more than 60 and count, Dolph A-o enabl any action to be ne right with the brow can check the Atur with 3 preload your right Side.

☺ Webzine ; Fast Web page load, with no ads. Dolph Webzine simplifies y read your favorite mobile content, from news to blo and websit. Webzine now ailable as an A- the Andro Market.

☺ Speed Dial ; Visit y favorite mobile and desktop websit the go with one touch.

☺ Tabb brows ; No need to toggle between screens, tabb brows lets y op and switch between Web pag fast as lightn.

☺ Sides ; Make the best of mobile inface via Dolph Side.

We love hear from y. Contact us at support@lph-browand rate us today!

Website: www.lph-browbr />
Jo Dolph Facebook Fan page: http://www.facebook.com/DolphinFans

Follow Dolph Twit: htt://twit.com/#!/DolphinBrow>
Here are a couple of ctur tha add to your Dolph Brownstall Dolph A-o:

☺ Dolph Webzine

☺ Box h

☺ Dolph.fm

☺ Dolph QRCode Share

☺ Bookmark to SD

☺ Dolph YouTube Search

☺ Dolph eBay Search

☺ Dolph Alexa Rank

☺ PDF Viewer h

☺ Web to PDF

☺ Dolph Translate

☺ Dolph Brightness

☺ Dolph Password Manager Lite

☺ Password Manager Pro

☺ Lastpass h Browrem

☺ Xmar h HD*Premuim

☺ Dolph Google Servbr />
☺ Dolph Reader

☺ Google Reader Notifier

☺ Softpedia.com RSS

☺ Dolph Screen Cut

☺ Dolph Tweet

☺ Bookmar Widget

☺ Dolph Desktop Toggle

What;s t version:

1. Downloads management: Paume and edit your wnloads

2. File Manager: Manage ad fil right with Dolph

3. Speed Dial: Impro of add bookmar Andro phon and refresh the design Andro tablets

4. Search suggestion: Option to disable all uggestio from Google, tory and bookmar

5. Theme: Improv compatibility with v8.0 design

6. Gesture: Improv accuracy

7. Various stability and performance improvemen

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