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Free |GoldenDict 1.5.1 (1.5.1) Android Apk App

Written By Amanda G Marcus on Tuesday, September 11, 2012 | 9:00 AM

GoldenDict 1.5.1



The fastest and most mti-ictionary app the market. Fly suppor Lvo, Babyl, StarDict, Lo and Dic dictionary fil. Articl sho with fl ng, colors, imag and soun. Looku are blaz fast now carry all the dictionaries t together with y your Andro devbr />
Note: the app a shell and com with no dictionaries, much like a mus player not come with mus. Y uil y already have, or the on y can get the innet.

T the paid version, with no ads and unlimit dictionaries. There;s also a free version ailable ; try it first before purchas t one.


* Lo .LD2 fil

* Babyl .BGL fil

* ABBYY Lvo .LSD, .DSL, .LSA and .DAT fil

* StarDict fil

* Dic fil

* Hunspell .AFF/.DIC morphology fil

Just copy tho yod, the GoldenDict directory!


* All content sho fl ng, with imag and soun. We n;t compromiality.

* It;s fast. It flies wh y have a z of dictionaries handle hundreds of dictionaries simtaneously fairly well, too.

* The program will understand your typ no mat how y it ; b diacrie or punctuation!

* In-program popup mode support. Configure your e-book reader to u0;ColorDict 3; as your dictionary inface, and GoldenDict will pop up.

* Translat from clipboard easy ; just press and ho ;Search; butt your devbr />

* WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE ; to create index fil dictionaries

* WAKE_LOCK ; to ensure y phone esn;t slewhile index progress (it;s a one-time operation)


T a fl, paid version. It has no ad support an unlimit amount of dictionaries! If y need to test-drive the program, either try the free version first, or just purchapaid version now and th ask fu with two weeks (w).

SUPPORT AND REFUNDS: If y have any difficty or problem, instead of leav a negative review, write an email to support@goldendict.org, and we;ll sort everyth. Every customer entitl to an extend fl refu with two weeks from the day of purchauestio ask. To get a refu, just write an email to support@goldendict.org tell us so. Enjoy!

What;s t version:

Improv Andro 4.x support;

Night mode;

Support of ;Share via;;

Translation now be configur to show either fl-screen or as a float winw;

Word inpu now be configur ts stay top;

Adjustable maximum number of match wh typ a word;

Support om .c styl ( website ils);

Additional ;goldendict.intent.action.SEARCH; intent now support (same ar as ColorDict intent);

Fix problems.


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