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Free |JEFIT Pro – Workout & Fitness v4.3.0914 (4.3.0914) Android Apk App

Written By Amanda G Marcus on Saturday, September 15, 2012 | 9:00 AM

JEFIT Pro ; Work & Fitness v4.3.0914

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: 1.6+

Overview:sional bodybuild, weight train and work app. Sy rest with PC.


T the Pro ads-free version of the JEFIT Workion, it includ all the functio from JEFIT Free plus some extur ng u>

Why JEFIT the BEST Work App :

- Largest exerciine datae the web andion

- Fl Two ; Way Synchronization with online JEFIT Profile.

- Easi to track your works, create rin, body statistics and lift progress, sav all progress to key motit her exercis, fitness and works.

- Completely customizable rin and exercireate a weekly work rine all your o.

Work Rine Planner :

- Undly work rine manager.

- Easily create o work rin e built- exerciustom exerci/>
- Adjustable each exerci>
- Support mtiple rin. Easily switch among Bk,Cutt,General and Sport Specif rin.

Smart Logg System :

- Automat input weight and r wh y exerci/>
- Automat record your 1RM (1 rmaximum) />
- Automat save your best lift record exercise.

Two-Way Synchronization :

- Synchronize your iPhone Work Data with your Online Profile.

- Store information and data the JEFIT Server and recover info an instant

- No need to log into website to record work data.

- Synchronize to wnload work rin onto your phone

Progress Track System :

- Graph chart k both body stats and lift stats

- Track weight,body fat, height, chest, ar, shoders, ,neck,hip,thig and v

-cate your BMI (Body Mass Index)

Detail Exercia/>
- Built- hundreds of weight train exeregoriz by body par

- Search Function allo of find and g exerciworks and rin

- Contain 500+ exerciuction, animatio and tips

- Track Cardio, Weight Lift, Fitness and Strength Train Exerci/>
- Instant Work Function allo s to perform an exerciut hav to edit rine

Rest Timer :

- Adjustable rest timer between a work.

- Reminder exercito next r work.

- Show previous train lo of the incom exerci tak break.

Progress and Profile Phot

- Ability to take Progress/Profile Phot with Phone;s Built In Camera

- Upload Imag to your JEFIT Profile with hav to turn a compu with one-click uploads

- Create Photo Albu dedicat to your Progress Phot the JEFIT Website

- Upload pictur instantly to be our Profile or Atar Phot

Inl Timer

- Count inl timer to perform exercir a certain time limit

- Sch function to time your works

- One click instant switch between functio


- ☺JEFIT the BEST Work App EVER! The combination of wnloadble rin to mix up your work with the ability to graph and track your bodybuild progress online☺

- ☺JEFIT the best bodybuildion the market, never go to the gym with it☺

- ☺T bodybuild app t☺

- ☺I have uious bodybuild ap but t one tak the cake, works are easier to track and I never go to the gym with it☺

- ☺Han the best bodybuild app ailable, I Love It!☺

*Note: To utilize the synchronizatture, a JEFIT.com Account requir to k up your data and ketrack of your statistics with the JEFIT Website. Create a FREE JEFIT Account at www.jefit.com.

For more questio and answers, go to our FAQ page the JEFIT Website. For more information ab the JEFIT Andro Work/Bodybuildion, view our Featur page or wnload the Andro Ual.

The JEFIT Androion brought to y by JEFIT I, one of the fastest grow work and bodybuildion and website today. Give JEFIT a try and millio of ue choJEFIT Workion to benefit their works and exerci

What;s t version:

1.) Security Update

2.) Updat and Improv Synchronization Functionality (10x Performance and Speed) ; u7;s will be able to synchronize their data and information to our uch more quickly and efficiently than before. T especially notby u7;s with larger data fil that are be synchroniz to our br />
3.) Performance Enhancemen

4.) Fix Atar and Profile Picture Upload and Download Functionality

5.) Various Bug Fix

T app has NO adverti/strong>

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