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Written By Amanda G Marcus on Tuesday, September 4, 2012 | 9:00 PM

Are y brave enough to play No Gravity? Y☺ll need steady nerv and a strong heart to fly arou dangerous obstacl, face hostile environmen and uy weapo to accomplish your missio and protect your people. Hurry, wnload t Andro devversion of the PSP favorite,

before it☺s too late.

Now optimiz s 7 tablet and Tegra 3 dev

"No Gravity an iOS port of the PSP space com game. Fl of action and an impressive visual appeal, No Gravity really roc e of us with a taste -featue titl. Also, with 31 missio and hours of content☺t really argue with the abnormal pric model."


by Te.com

Highest quality game Andro....developer updat....


by StarGateWor I

Best space shoo Andro.


by Jivemas

In a distant future, spread acro thousan of colonies, the empire under attack from a mysious, unkno sickness that affect people☺s min. So far, y☺ve been able to remain healthy but y n☺t know much longer.

As one of survivors of t bewilder plague, it☺s up to y to and destroy the enemy that unleash t madness. If y n☺t, there remains no hope planet or your people. Are y prr to tackle 31 missio and destroy the heinous foe?

T not a job s.

No Gravity fast-pac and fl of action. Y☺ll need to draw your dest levm bra to succeed therous missio.

Wh y☺re ready, choocharac and one of six

customizable ships. Each one equipp with an impressive array of weapo, so y☺ll have plenty of too at hand job. Whether y need laion blass, everyth there to help y w against your hostile enemy.

Once your ship, y☺ll fly through space, skimm over

sixent worl, mov along undergrou cras and through massive asoids fiel. Y need to keyour wits ab y or it☺s game over before y☺ve accomplish your mission.

Y☺re not alone there, though. Allied ships will

accompany y through the hostile space statio, help y destroy enemy and clear mine fiel. As the mysies of the surround space unfo, be prr to unleash your firwer anyth that gets y. Y must be unstoppable order to save your people.

It☺s not all hard work. Along , y☺ll have plenty of entainment. There are massive explosio, an assortment of ships and weapo, 2 difficty mod an ev take your missio the first or third pers views.

D y well your mission? Great, no reap th of success. Go ahead and unlock your Achievemen to grab your bonus new ship paint, artwork or someth elstrik your fancy.

Have a look at some of tur y get wh y wnload No Gravity:

☺ Incredible, fast-pac, n-stop action,

☺ T the Andro devversion of the PSP station favorite,

☺ Fl frame rate,

☺ Massive explosio and damag,

☺ Play first or third pers view

☺ Select from 5 characs and 5 space ships,

☺ Each ship ailable 4ent colors,

☺ Choo6ent, awesome weapo,

☺ 31 mission levels to play,

☺ 2 difficty mod to test your skil,

d system with achievemen to unlock

☺ High definition, 3D engine optimiz Andro devwith NVIDIA® Tegra☺ , PowerVR®, Adreno® and more.

☺ Ultra detail render mode, includ bloom post process.

☺ Mtitouch or accelerome control,

☺ Support e, Xperia PLAY, Zeemote ZS1,


Install the APK

Copy 'com.realtechvr.nogravity' folder td/Andro/obb' folder

Launch the Game

Click here load

Apk Fil

Direct Download Link


Direct Download Link

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