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Free |ThinkFree Mobile Pro 5.0.120906 (Android) APK

Written By Amanda G Marcus on Saturday, September 15, 2012 | 9:00 PM

ThinkFree Mobile Pro 5.0.120906 (v5.0.120906) (Andro) APK

Overview: Simple and intuitive urface optimiz smartphone and tablet

Requiremen: Andro 2.1 and up

Market Update Relea Sember 7, 2012

Pr/b> $9.99 ; en Sember 2012! (Reg:$21.99)

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ThinkFree Mobile Pro


☺ View, edit and create your cumen that y need to br to your PC

☺ Createsional diagrams with rich style with your fer tip

☺ Apply transitio and run animatio your pren

☺ Simple and intuitive urface optimiz smartphone and tablet

Main Featur:

☺ Fast to op and scroll

☺ Mobile-friendly edit menu

☺ Inious objec (Support to ineo clip)

☺ High render quality and compatibility

☺ A annotation, memo and highlight PDF file

☺ Support to save as PDF

☺ Optimiz file management mobile devbr />
☺ New cumen with templat

☺ Online storage (ThinkFree Online, Box.net, Google Drive)

* File Manager

Optimiz file management and UX make it easy to perform comm tas such as mti-n, op, rename, copy, delete, and ick and easy access to the recent fil list enabl y to find recently edit cumen conveniently.

* Template Download

ThinkFree Mobile Pro suppor a PC-like experience so that not only create new cumen with templat but also wnload more than 40 kin of extra templat from an online or free.

* Online Storage

Docu be upload or wnload via web storage such as ThinkFree Online, Box.net and Google Drive. In the future, rious cloud will also be link through the Cloud Connector Servor synchroniz content rious devand platfor.

ThinkFree Mobile Pro also connect to Box.com storage (OneCloud), enabl ucreate, op, edit and share cumen anytime anywhere.

* Edit Menu

Intuitive UI and optimiz UX provide a PC-like edit experience, mak it easy and convenient to perform edit tas.

* Inec

The option to inious objec allo y to create unique cumen inl, shap, draws and video clips with the best UX. A library of 23 imag, 36 shap, 8 line styl, and 12 char hel y createsional look cumen.

* Render Quality

Compatible with respect to 3D shap, Pro provid high quality figur and renders rious objec such as neon, shaw, and reflection. It also displays smart art that compatible with MS Off/p>

Adnc Featur:

☺ Dyna visua

☺ Invideo clips

☺ Slide note

☺ Inannotatio PDF

☺ Numer keyboard cation

☺ PC-like functio

☺ Various fon

☺ Integrat quick text-viewer

☺ Extur

* Animation Transitio

Pro suppor a riety of animatio such as entrance, fly , pinwheel etc. Slid with animatio are display with a star (;). Add a transitiot (24 kin o) also easy us the contextual menu slide☺s thumbnail view.

* Ineo Clips

Show suppor mtimedi to grab an audience☺s attention by deliver dyna pre.

* Slide Note

Show suppor slide not that allow y to add annotatio with a stylus p or fer dur a slide show.

* In Annotatio

PDF viewer suppor highlight important content and annotatio us shap, commen and lin as.

* Numer Keyboard Easy Calcation

Calc provid accurate and complex functio with rious numer keyboar. It also suppor function which similar to the MS Offeature.

* Various Fon

A riety of fon typ correspond to MS Offre provid, enabl y to xactly what t to uur cumen.

* Integrat Quick Text Viewer

If y need to op and read a large text heavy cument, ThinkFree Mobile Pro will quickly change to a text viewer mode.

* Hyperlink, Dictionary, TTS

Inhyperlin to objec hel y to support cumen with more detail explanatio also or the exact mean of wor us the built- dictionary and list to the wor via the TTS (Text-to-Speeture.

What;s ThinkFree Mobile Pro version 5.0.120906:

* Now suppor Jellybean! (2x ~ 3x fas wh load cumen)

* Add optio to wnload fon

* Several bug fix

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Download ThinkFree Mobile Pro 5.0.120906 (v5.0.120906) (Andro) APK



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