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Free |Zombie Runaway UP v1.0.0 Apk Android

Written By Amanda G Marcus on Tuesday, September 18, 2012 | 9:00 AM

Race of the last zombie earth! Thr your seotype slowy zombies! Pleae the wor☺s fastest and cutest zombie. In Zombie UP, the wor☺s last zombie try to r from angry people.

Uright, left and jump butt to run like mad! Feel the excitement with simple contro and rious boos items. Y are invincible with boos item! Have fun destroy the obstacl block !

☺ Gtur ☺

☺ Excit race twoent mod!

Arcade mode wher enjoy infinite race! A Blitz mode where y destroy as many obstacl as possible a limit time!

☺ Various enjoymen hidd through the game!

- Y become invincible with boos! Destroy obstacl with rious booss!

recover HP by destroy obstacl while invincible!

- Watch e wal! The zombie will die if hit by the spl!

- In blitz mode, y gain more time as y break obstacl!

- Wh the sky shin go, y gain as tws co!

- Pay attention to the sig the side of the road! Wh y R.A.I.N.B.O.W lets, someth special will happ!

☺ So many equipmen!

- Put equipmen with specia. The race will become ev more inest!

(Y can equip rious items with limit.)

☺ English support ☺

We also support Korean, français, Deutsch, ☺☺☺, ☺☺(☺☺) and ☺☺(☺☺).

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