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Free |My Budget Book 3.0 (Android)

Written By Amanda G Marcus on Monday, October 1, 2012 | 9:00 PM

My Budget Book 3.0 (Andro)

Overview: My Budget Book not just an ordinary expenement program. T app hel y ketrack of y expenditur and earns and manage your money mortively.

Requiremen: Andro OS 2.1 and up

Market Update Relea Sember 30, 2012

Pr/b> $2.31

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What;s New My Budget Book version 3.0:

New ico the status page.
New dialog ;Info;. The dialog contains the latest chang, so y will not miss any tur (accessible via the menu butt or the action menu at the top right).

If aegory delet, th aegories will be delet too (all transactio are maintain).
More CSV add.
Various optimizatio.
If y have any questio, just ail via the support function the app.

All your expen glance.

Undividual ts and stand ordture to get an idea of your expen the next couple of mont and much money y have ailable to spend. The app also giv y a overview of the information, mak it easier to plan (larger) purcha the up-com mont.

We all know whatls liket to buy someth but not know whethe afford it. Udget Book to current ance as well as how many bil y have to pay before the end of the month.


4; Easy access. No innet connection requir.

4; No registration!

4; Ailable 10 languag (The language currently via your phone ): English, Deutsch, Español, Portuês, Français, Italiano, Nederlan, P;;;;;;, Polski, Magyar.

4; See t month☺s ance wh the app star up.

4; The overview t n your expen the upcom of mont.

4; Customize the overview by chang the number of past and future mont that are display.

4; Manage more than one account.

4; Record y earns and expen all accoun.

4; Get more flexibility by g what day t the month to start .

4; Visualitatistics as a table or graph and e your money has goegoris all earns and expen/>
4; Fil your earns and expenrd to mont, quars or whole years, as well as any other criia.

4; Sort your transactio by date, amount, titegory.

4; Uowerf unction to look if expenor time perio.

4; Carry your ance over into the next month.

4; Manage stand orders s plan ahead upcom mont.

4; Create templat to make inputt your expenv easier.

4; A further main anegories to get a bet overview of your expen/>
4; Uatchlist to monitor important transactio.

4; Uuicator to qucate amoun.

4; Protect your data by actit password protection.

4; Export your data HTML or CSV Format ( SD card).

4; Create ku so y never lodata. Now also with automat ture.

4; Import your exist data us the CSV import function (Just move the CSV file to the folder ;SDCard/My Budget Book; and import it via the app (Import of other will be made ailable by request).

4; 3 Widgets. NOTE: If y move the app d not uts. T due to the Andro system a not be chang.

4; Built- instructio.

To upp as a sle uifferent devor to add automat ku to DropBox, it recommend that y uchronization app such as Dropsy or FolderSy. For more information, pleathe chap ;Synchronization; the integrat guide.

My Budget Book easy to u further development will be ush and needs.

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